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Idi Amin

Idi Amin Dada, the self proclaimed president of Uganda, is known as one of the bloodiest dictators of the past century. During his eight year rule, which began with a bloody coup; he tortured, maimed, and murdered 300,000. A man feared because of his imposing stature more than his intelligence, it was his madness that was trully terrifying. "The depth of Amin's cruelty was matched only by the eccentricity of his behaviour." (Obituary). His reign of terror was marked by the genocide of the Acholi and Lango tribes, as well as others, and his blunt invitations to terrorists to take refuge in his country. At the time he took power, Uganda and the rest of the world welcomed Idi Amin into office. Many veiwed him as though he was a boy in a giant's body. Yet Idi Amin would take this new positon of power and perform terrible acts, leaving behind an evil lagacy that still shadows the nation 20 years after his exile. He exemplifies what Brutus meant when he said: "The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power." (Julius Caeser, II. i. 18-19). In his madness he performed any act against humanity that he felt was necessary, persecuted anyone he felt posed as a threat, in order to maintain his power. A dictator is one who abuses greatness by showing indifference toward the effect that his or her actions have upon the people; but whose only focus is on gaining and maintaining power.